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Metro Homes offers a comprehensive range of real estate services, including MM2H application assistance, property sales, property buying, property rental and leasing, and property valuation and appraisal, all tailored to meet your specific needs

Property Sales:

Metro Homes Realty Berhad assist property owners in selling their homes, land, or commercial properties. This includes pricing guidance, marketing strategies, property showings, negotiations with buyers, and overseeing the closing process.

Property Buying:

Metro Homes Realty Berhad help buyers find suitable properties by assessing their needs and preferences, conducting property searches, arranging viewings, and facilitating the purchase process. They may also provide advice on financing options.

Property Rental and Leasing: 

Metro Homes leasing team specialize in property management and rental services. They help property owners find tenants, handle lease agreements, collect rent, and manage property maintenance and repairs.

Real Estate Investment Advisory:

Metro Homes Investment Team offer investment advisory services, helping clients identify lucrative investment opportunities in the real estate market. They can provide guidance on buying rental properties, commercial real estate, or other investment properties

MM2H Application Assistance

Metro Homes (MM2H) Sdn Bhd is a licensed firm recognized by Tourism Malaysia, specializing in providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire MM2H application process. We aim to help you secure your long-term stay in Malaysia hassle-free

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