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News & Updates

This page covers all the latest news and updates from Metro Homes Realty Berhad, offering insights into industry trends, company developments, and comprehensive analyses of the real estate market.

Our Heritage - Metro Homes

Foundation and Innovation (Since 1995): Founded in 1995, Metro Homes began its journey as a visionary estate agency in the heart of Petaling Jaya. The young founder, with a forward-thinking approach, was determined to infuse innovation into the real estate industry. From the outset, our goal was not just to serve the community but to revolutionize the way real estate services were delivered.

A significant milestone was achieved in 2007 when we received the MM2H license from the Ministry of Tourism. This accreditation enabled us to extend our services to international clients, significantly enhancing our role in sales involving foreign buyers.

Our commitment to excellence was recognized in 2009 when we were honored with the “Best Real Estate Agency Website” at the Asia Pacific Property Awards, in association with CNBC Arabiya. This award is a testament to our continuous efforts to innovate and lead in the real estate sector.

The year 2011 marked another achievement as we were declared the winner of the prestigious Superbrands Malaysia Choice, further solidifying our position in the real estate market.

On October 16, 2018, Metro Homes Realty Berhad was proudly acknowledged by BOVEAP as the first estate agency practice to be a public company (Berhad). We are developing Malaysia's first "digital" estate agency, utilizing AI, Chatbot, and CRM technologies, marking a revolutionary step in our journey.

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